The best rates for international delivery with excellent transit time. Send documents and goods to any part of the world!


  • Short delivery time
  • Uniform rate for delivery from any part of Russia
  • Assistance in preparing customs documents
  • Online tracking of delivery status, calculation of rates and delivery time


  • 184 countries of the world
Weight and dimensions:
  • 0.2 kg and more for the delivery of documents and 0.5 kg and more for other shipments
  • 35 kg as maximum weight of a single shipment item, with no restrictions for gross weight
  • Maximum length: 185 cm
  • Maximum girth: ((2 x width + 2 x height) + length) = 400 cm
Delivery time:
  • Average delivery time within country - 2 business days
  • Average international delivery time - 2 weeks*
  • *Delivery time depends on when the order was placed and given to a courier.

Value added services:

If you need to carry a consignment, the weight and dimensions of which exceed standard parameters, please fill out this form for our Overseas Services team to contact you to advise if we can deliver your consignment and if so – our rates.