About company

Dear Colleagues, Partners, today TransBusinness Express is offering you a wide range of express delivery services of high quality. TransBusinness Express is a transport and forwarding company. Ever since the company was set up in 1992, it has grown to become one of the leaders of transport and forwarding market by providing its customers with the best possible shipping efficiency. We employ over 200 specialists in our branch offices in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Helsinki. We provide our customers with a wide range of services including Air Freight, Import/Export Transportation, Transport Service throughout Russia and CIS, Overnight Delivery, Customs Clearance Services. Our truck park consists of more than 100 items ranging from 8 to 120 tons.


Customer focus, top service quality and standards are the keys to our work, thanks to which we can offer our customers reliable transportation and logistics solutions at reasonable prices

In shipping logistics, TransBusinness Express is another name for top service quality, cutting-edge technologies and business processes, keen understanding of market needs, and flexible business-tailored solutions for customers

Mission & Corporate Values

With our highly professional staff and strong corporate culture, we must become a number one assistant for customers in logistics and parcel deliveries across Russia and beyond by offering a wide range of reliable and efficient solutions.

Corporate values are the nature and essence of our company. These are the principles all employees, regardless of their job title or level, should at all times adhere to in relationships with each other. Corporate values are an integral part of our corporate culture

We seek to be a company its employees are proud of and customers trust and rightly so

  • Trust: building relationships from trust and respect for colleagues, customers, partners of the company and business community, in general
  • Openness: maintaining openness in communications and disclosures, business transparency – compliance with all statutory and legal provisions and rules
  • Team spirit: getting more focused on the common goal than vested interest, helpfulness, mutual aid, give-and-take, conscious acceptance of and commitment to corporate rules, regulations and values
  • Responsibility: prompt, full and strict performance of all assumed obligations and engagements, efficient delegation of authority
  • Proactivity: proactivity in making constructive suggestions to improve business processes, commitment to positive changes